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Rishikesh: Location of latest Samsonite Ad

#EkDinKiChutti | Let’s travel to vote | Samsonite

Film crew’s local transportation, accommodation, catering as well as on set support by Sohan Tours & Travel, Rishikesh.

Agency: Autumn Grey
Director: Deepti Nagia
Creative Producer: Tushar Sadashiv Shivan

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Supporting Film Productions

Sohan Tours & Travel are increasingly more involved in film production projects in Uttarakhand / India: documentaries, movies and advertising spots.

We offer a variety of services for shootings in and around Rishikesh as well as Uttarakhand:

+ Location scouting 

+ Catering

+ Transportation

+ Accommodation

+ On set support

+ Consultancy

For further information, just call us, or drop an email.


Shakti Power at Local Temple

This is a beautiful example of a small temple that is fully integrated in people’s life in the Garhwal region of Uttarakhand. Following snapshots and a video of local women celebrating – a daylong carefree, joyful get together, including praying / chanting / dancing/ food and flower offerings to Devi. Celebrating the inner and outer devi.

This temple is a smaller sister of the major Surkanda Devi Mandir in Dhanaulti.

Respect for and appreciation of traditions and culture,
respect for and appreciation of women of all generations,
respect for and appreciation of the goddess,
respect for and appreciation of the divine powers larger than us humans.

All this still does exist in India.1

1Background ‘Surkanda Devi’:


Rishikesh update

ram jhula ganga rishikeshIt’s been a while… and so much has happened since our last post. For example, Rishikesh went through a major overhaul of its infrastructure:

  1. New roads and new road surfaces between the market and Tapovan, and also all the way to Dehradun;
  2. Installation of road security reflectors and borders, especially in the area through the forest towards Jolly Grant airport and Dehradun;
  3. Building of pedestrians, fences and an entire new road structure with parking spaces at Rishikesh bus stand;
  4. Planting of hundreds of trees;
  5. Painting public spaces, walls, etc;
  6. New electricity wiring and cable connections;
  7. New road lamps;


Earlier this year the entire promenade along Ganga between Ram Jhula and Lakshman Jhula got newly paved. There are also now generous seating areas with beautiful pavilions and benches.

So whether you plan your first visit to Rishikesh, or come repeatedly, there are lots of improvements to discover, and enjoy.



Dhari Devi Temple

Some snapshots from yesterday’s trip to Dhari Devi, between Srinagar and Rudraprayag. The roads were all clear and we enjoyed her blessings.

“Dhari Devi is considered to be the guardian deity of Uttarakhand and is revered as the protector of the Char Dhams. Her shrine is one of 108 Shakti Sthals in India, as numbered by Srimad Devi Bhagwat.”
– Wikipedia


Blessed Pilgrims

Before one of our client-groups departed for the Char Dham Yatra yesterday, we organised the puja (sacred ceremony). Our guests from abroad, and our drivers got their blessings for the journey. 

By the way, we’re on facebook now:


Char Dham Yatra by Helicopter

yatra helicopter

In Hindu tradition the Char Dham Yatra belongs to the TOP 3 pilgrimages in India, next to the visit of the famous Kumbh Mela (the world’s largest gathering of sadhus, saints and seekers) and the Shakti Peethas (where the Mother Goddess is worshipped).

A pilgrimage is a journey or search of spiritual significance, typically done to a sacred place, such as a temple. Often people go on a pilgrimage when they are at a crossroad in their lives, when undergoing a change in their life’s direction or relationships. Others may be in search of mystical insights, healing and forgiveness. 

A pilgrimage is traditionally done by foot, with minimal luggage (if any at all) and great faith. Not only is a pilgrimage tour a physical challenge, but also demands the traveller’s openness (to meet new people, change plans or improvise when something turns out differently than originally planned). Whatever challenge or blessing is experienced on the way to the holy destination (and back home) can be understood as a signal or lesson for one’s personal growth. 

So pilgrimages can be a life-changing, transformational experience. It is the time of letting go of the old to let the new come in. Pilgrims don’t merely visit a place as tourists, they come away inspired and changed by it in some way. Going on pilgrimage may give us a new sense of awareness and wonder. 

Apart from the classic trip by car, we offer also Helicopter Tour Packages:

2 Dham Yatra in a Single Day:
Visiting Kedarnath & Badrinath, incl VIP Darshan and Lunch;
Helicopter trip ex Haridwar;

Char Dham Yatra in 4 Nights/5 Days:
Visiting Yamunotri, Gangotri, Kedarnath & Badrinath, incl Darshan
Accommodation, meals and local sightseeing;

For prices and further details, please contact our team: 

Sohan Tours & Travel
Badrinath Road (next to Kentura Plaza)
Laxman Jhula/Tapovan, 249192 Rishikesh (Uttarakhand)

mobile (India): +91 9557 417765
or: +91 9358 574861


Invigorating Ganga

Now is an excellent time for taking walks along Ganga. The temperatures throughout the day are pleasant and the waters are pristine.

If you want to take a dip in our holy river early morning, just wait until the sun comes out from behind the hills before you dive in. 

For recommendations on where to go for walks and how to combine it with a temple visit, rafting tour or trekking trip, just contact us. 



Transparent Pricing

rishikesh-road.jpgAs we are committed to provide fair and transparent pricing to our clients, please find below an overview of fees for the most popular CAR TRIPS. All prices listed here include fuel, road tax, state tax and parking fees:

Below rates might vary when fuel prices increase/decrease.

With a 4 seater car:
Haridwar to Rishikesh: 1000
Jolly Grant airport to Rishikesh: 900
Dehradun City to Rishikesh: 2000
Delhi to Rishikesh: 4500
Kunjapuri to Rishikesh: 1500
Neelkanth to Rishikesh: 1800
Vashishta Cave to Rishikesh: 1800
Rajaji National Park to Rishikesh: 1200
Mussoorie to Rishikesh: 3500

With a 6 seater car:
Haridwar to Rishikesh: 1800
Jolly Grant airport to Rishikesh: 1800
Dehradun City to Rishikesh: 3000
Delhi to Rishikesh: 7000
Kunjapuri to Rishikesh: 2000
Neelkanth to Rishikesh: 2000
Vashishta Cave to Rishikesh: 2000
Rajaji National Park to Rishikesh: 2000
Mussoorie to Rishikesh: 4000

With a 4 seater car:
Rishikesh to Haridwar: 1000
Rishikesh to Jolly Grant airport: 900
Rishikesh to Dehradun City: 2000
Rishikesh to Delhi: 4500
Rishikesh to Kunjapuri: 1500
Rishikesh to Neelkanth: 1800
Rishikesh to Vashishta Cave: 1800
Rishikesh to Rajaji National Park: 1200
Rishikesh to Mussoorie: 3500

With a 6 seater car:
Rishikesh to Haridwar: 1800
Rishikesh to Jolly Grant airport: 1800
Rishikesh to Dehradun City: 3000
Rishikesh to Delhi: 7000
Rishikesh to Kunjapuri: 2000
Rishikesh to Neelkanth: 2000
Rishikesh to Vashishta Cave: 2000
Rishikesh to Rajaji National Park: 2000
Rishikesh to Mussoorie: 4000

All prices allow drop/pick up before Laxman Jhula and Ram Jhula bridge. If you need a taxi on ‘the other’ side, an small additional charge applies. Just contact us for further information.

If you book a return trip (= both ways) we offer a discount. 

If you require day trips or journeys with Tempo Traveller or to other destinations, just contact us.

Apart from Taxi and Driver Services, we offer ticketing for flights, trains and public buses.

Note: once you bought your bus ticket from us, the bus conductor or bus station managers might change your arrangement. This is very rare but it can happen (not in our hands!).


Badrinath Temple: Season’s last day


A few days ago, we decided spontaneously to attend the closure ceremony of the Badrinath temple and drove with a group of friends and business partners up the Himalayan serpetines.

Badrinath is a holy town at 3300m, close to the Tibet/China border, and it is the most important of the four sites of India’s Char Dham pilgrimage. Because of the extreme weather conditions in the region, the temple is only open for six months a year (between April and November). 

On the day of closure, Akhanda Jyothi (eternal light) is lit – a lamp filled with ghee to last for six months.

The photos show Badrinath temple and the surroundings on the closing day, already covered by snow.

Attending the opening ceremony of Badrinath temple (which we did this year) AS WELL AS the closing of the temple on the last day of the season, is seen as highly auspicious. 

Enjoy the snapshots and Be blessed!

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