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Films about India

Hindu Nectar: Spiritual Wanderings in India

Beautiful documentary (48 minutes):

Discovery Channel – Uttarakhand, India

Documentary on Discovery Channel (21. mins):

Ganges – Documentary (BBC Series) 

This sumptuous series tells the story of the most extraordinary river in the world – the Ganges. Gang Ma or Great Mother is the holiest river in the world. This dramatic BBC documentary is a vibrant and colourful look at how the Ganges shaped the wildlife, culture and beliefs of India.

From man-hunting tigers to giant lizards, in Ganges the wildlife encountered is as diverse as the people.
The Ganges River, rising from the pure glacial meltwaters of the Himalayas, flows down onto India’s Northern Plain, through frenetic cities to the teeming delta where the river meets the sea. Human life and nature bustle along her river banks, in a kaleidoscope of colour and energy. A fantastic documentary with breathtaking imagery and an excellent narration.

DVD Release: 2007
Run Time: 150 minutes
Language: English, Hindi, Bengali

First part (50:00 minutes):

Trailer (1:48 minutes):

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A Tribute to Devbhoomi Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand is known as Dev Bhoomi – “The Land of the Gods” – because of the presence of a multitude of spiritual powerspots and pilgrimage destinations. 

Uttarakhand is the name of the state that was formed from the hill districts of Uttar Pradesh, India. Literally North Country or Section in Sanskrit, the name of Uttarakhand finds mention in the early Hindu scriptures as the combined region of Kedarkhand and Manaskhand. Uttarakhand was also the ancient Puranic term for the central stretch of the Indian Himalayas. Its peaks and valleys were well known in ancient times as the abode of gods and goddesses – and source of the River Ganga (or Ganges). source: Wikipedia. Documentary ca. 4 minutes:

The Himalayas : First ever Ultra HD footage from above 20,000 ft

The Aerial Cinema experts at Teton Gravity Research release the first ultra HD footage of the Himalayas, shot from above 20,000 ft, with the GSS C520 system. It is said to be the most advanced Gyro-Stabilized camera system in the world.

Filmed from a helicopter with a crew flying from Kathmandu at 4,600 to 24,000 ft. on supplemental oxygen, these are some of the most stable, crisp, clear aerial shots of these mountains ever released. Breathtakingly beautiful Himalayas. With Mount Everest and nearby peaks. Must watch video with Full Brightness & Full screen (3 minutes):