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  1. Valerie permalink

    I found Sohan Travel through Mooji’s community board and was very happy with their service. I booked them for a driver to take me to the Delhi airport last Saturday. He showed up right on time and was an excellent driver. As anybody knows who has made that trip, the roads and traffic between Rishikesh and Delhi are brutal. He was careful yet quick and knew just how to get around the trucks and tractors and tuk-tuks and potholes. And the charge was very reasonable. Thank you, Sohan Travel. I highly recommend them.

  2. HARPYIA ecoturismo (Lucia) permalink

    Hello Sohan Tours team! Once more you were perfect for attend our groups in Rishikesh and Haridwar. Every time Sohan Tours & Travel was so professional and they know recieve us with knowledge and caress! Thank you Mr. Sohan and team! _/\_ Namaste.

  3. Frieder permalink

    We used Sohan tours & travel for transfer Delhi airport to Rishikesh and back to Delhi. We also booked one Safari tour in Rajaji Nationalpark. Everything was well organised. The drivers were always right in time and managed to handle the difficult traffic well. We always felt save. Booking and payment was realy uncomplicated. Thank you very much, Sohan.

  4. Tetyana permalink

    Had a great experience booking our tour from Rishikesh to Chopta Chandrashila top. Sihad provided us with a good , safe but quick driver, and an amazing helpful and fun guide Gandhi.
    Thank you Sohan Tours!

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