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Air Safari


Air Safari involves light aircrafts like Powered Parachutes that can take off and land on short stretches of rugged terrain. It is usually well suited to explore remote and wild areas or small towns. Air safari through bush flight is a new and successful activity for the adventure lovers, exploring the natural scenic beauty in and around Rishikesh from the sky (with equipments such as para-motors, trikes, para-gliders and powered parachutes etc.) 

What is Powered Parachutes?
Powered parachute is a type of ultra-light aircraft consisting of a motor and wheels with a parachute. Powered parachute is also known as paraplane or motorized parachute and abbreviated PPC. Powered parachute flies at an average speed of 40-60 km per hour. The average operating height for powered parachute ranges between 500 to 1500 feet. PPCs have a very short take-off and landing rolls which can sometimes be less than 100 ft.

All the aircrafts used are the safest Light Sport Aircrafts (LSA). These aircrafts and machines are completely new and imported from the best companies in the world. All fleet of Light Sport Aircraft and other air sports operations are approved by The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA). Each flight is coordinated and controlled with the instructions of Airport Authority of India to maintain the safety and security with other flights. During all the flights, each pilot keeps regular communication with Air Traffic Controller of Jollygrant Airport Dehradun. We maintain equivalent safety in the sky as well as on the ground. Well qualified aircraft maintenance engineers are always available on site to ensure the pre flight and post flight checks and go through a systematic inspection of the flights and aircrafts to maintain high level security standards.

Trips can be booked for 10-12 minutes as well as 60-70 minutes.

For tariffs and bookings, call Mr Sohan Kumar on
+91 9557 4177 65 or +91 9358 5748 61