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Badrinath Temple: Season’s last day



A few days ago, we decided spontaneously to attend the closure ceremony of the Badrinath temple and drove with a group of friends and business partners up the Himalayan serpetines.

Badrinath is a holy town at 3300m, close to the Tibet/China border, and it is the most important of the four sites of India’s Char Dham pilgrimage. Because of the extreme weather conditions in the region, the temple is only open for six months a year (between April and November). 

On the day of closure, Akhanda Jyothi (eternal light) is lit – a lamp filled with ghee to last for six months.

The photos show Badrinath temple and the surroundings on the closing day, already covered by snow.

Attending the opening ceremony of Badrinath temple (which we did this year) AS WELL AS the closing of the temple on the last day of the season, is seen as highly auspicious. 

Enjoy the snapshots and Be blessed!

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  1. Pravesh Sharma permalink

    i can see the Snow on your windshield … Its Snow fall in BadriVhishal Dham.. Great and Thanks for Sharing..

    Pravesh Sharma, New Delhi

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