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Travel journals – Notebooks for your trip


How do YOU deal with personal reflections during your travels? How do you record the impressions – delights, insights and challenges – on your daytrip, holiday or long sojourn in foreign lands? 

Most people take pleasure in travelling, and a lot of travellers even enjoy writing about it, describing the experiences of the places visited. In times of digital media, it is refreshing to see the evocative and humorous notebooks by Delhi based design company Letternote

letternote diaries

The travel journal is a record made by a traveller, often in diary form. The travel diary is a long-established literary format. History mentions the writings of Pausanias (2nd century AD) who produced his Description of Greece based on his observations. Travel literature apparently became popular during the Song Dynasty (960–1279) of medieval China.The genre was called travel record literature (youji wenxue) and was often written in narrative, prose, essay and diary style. Well known are also the records by Ibn Batutta (1304–1377) and the diary based Italian Journey by Goethe (1816).

So today we’d like to inspire you with the diaries and sketch books by Letternote:

The team of Letternote creates contemporary design objects that are easy to love and fun to live with. From lifestyle items such as mugs, t-shirts, cushion covers and bags to stationery, wall art and accessories – “wondrous things that add color, happiness and life to the world”. A selection of cushions we enjoy in our office. Online Shop and details on Free Shipping & International Delivery:

letternote objects

letternote indipop

  1. Nicole stanley permalink

    This will make car travel to the destination less tedious as you test your knowledge of the wiki information you have gathered together and will also set the mood before arrival.

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